American Civil War prophecy

Civil War graves

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“Verily, thus saith the Lord concerning the wars that will shortly come to pass, beginning at the rebellion of South Carolina, which will eventually terminate in the death and misery of many souls..For behold, the Southern States shall be divided against the Northern States..”

Doctrine and Covenants 87:1,3

In December 1832 Joseph Smith and other men reflected on African American slavery.  On Christmas day, the Lord revealed this Civil War prophecy.  While this revelation was received nearly 30 years before the American Civil War, it has amazing historical accuracy.

Historic fulfillment of the Civil War prophecy

“..wars..beginning at the rebellion of South Carolina”

On April 12, 1861 pro-slavery Southerners attacked a U.S. military base in Fort Sumter, South Carolina.  This began the four-year war between the northern and southern states.

“..which will eventually terminate in the death and misery of many souls”

In the Civil War, the United States army (2.1 million soldiers) beat the Confederate army (1.1 million soldiers).  Throughout the many battles, about 625,000 people died- 365,000 from the United States and 260,000 from the Confederate States.

“..the Southern States shall be divided against the Northern States”

The Southern States continued to be divided against the Northern States after the end of the Civil War.  For example, the North and South were divided ideologically during the Civil Rights movement (1955–1968) when the northern states eliminated segregation faster than the southern states.  Only in recent years with a new generation has the United States overcome racism.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. 

- Corrie Ten Boom

Personal Notes: God knows the past, present and future.  He knows what challenges you and I face and will yet face.  What better than to trust in the Captain of our souls, who sees the coming tempests long before we see them?

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